A extremely durable boat that fits in your hand

It may sound too good to be true, but it doesn’t stop there! The boat weighs only 2 kg and is the result of years of evolution and designed by people grewing up in the river. So if you think this is ordinary Inflatables, think twize. Our packraft withstand extremely much beating and are made of materials that were originally designed for spacesuits

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What is Packrafting?

Packrafting is made ​​possible by new materials technology and highly innovative boat design. Our packrafts are extremely compact, weighs only 2 kg and is a result of 30 + years of development and evolution. The Alaskan heritage combined with hyper-strong fabrics and unique production methods gives us the combination of strength, weight and the ability to toll it up so it fits right in your hand – or bag.

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  • The product is used for fishing, hunting, outdoor recreation, kayaking, adventure sports and hiking in rivers and streams fully loaded. Packrafting is an increasingly popular wilderness activities worldwide. The extremely sturdy construction makes this boat handles much harder stresses than any other one single man inflatable craft in the world. We guarantee that you will be amazed how much it can take!