New 2018 Alpacka Series

In the past year we have been working on adapting the Alpacka Series especially for Nordic conditions. The 2018 models we sell in Europe are upgraded with a better cruiser spray deck and lower weight! The boats are hand built by Alpacka in the United States, but are adapted to our specific requirements.

The 2018 models of the Alpacka Series are based on the original, but we have chosen a somewhat simpler construction to save weight and price, for example, we dropped the carrier handles and chose to fasten the spray rack permanently in front of the seat well.

2018 Denali Llama from the side


Our customers use the boats for hunting or tours with a large backpack. Some bring with them both one and two dogs. And others want a compact packraft for playing in river or for shorter people. We have therefore chosen to concentrate on Yukon Yak, Denali Llama and Mule in the first place.

2018 Denali Llama with the spray deck rolled

2018 Cruiser spray deck

The boats come with our new cruiser spray deck as standard. It is permanently attached to the front of the cockpit, so you always have the spray deck on hand if you need it. Use it in waves or heavy rain, roll it up on sunny days on flat water.

2018 Denali Llama with the spray deck on


2018 Yukon Yak, Denali Llama and Mule have fitting points for a backpack, bike or other luggage such as our Expedition Bow Bag in front, and a waterproof bag or throwline in the back.

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Strong attachments in the front and rear