News – Forager 2018

Forager is new for 2018 and is our largest and burliest packraft. It can easily accommodate two adults, is capable of big water and takes on heavy loads!

Sometimes it’s nice to be two paddlers in the same boat. You might have different physical capacity, or you may want to take the children for a trip in the wilderness. The Forager can also be paddled solo with a heavy load in the bow; like luggage for an expedition. Whether your trip is about big game hunting in the wilderness, fly fishing on a remote river, or that you just are in the need of a roomy, tough and superlight boat that takes up minimal space, the Forager is for you.

Alternative to canoes

Forager is a nice alternative to folding canoes. A canoe might be faster, but the touring speed is not so much different. And no touring canoe we know of can handle as big rapids as the Forager. The weight is only 6,1 kg; just over 3 kg for each person.

Capable of big rapids

Forager has been developed by the Alpacka Raft team and is tested to the extreme in big rapids like in the Grand Canyon. As with the rest of our packrafts, the hull’s high air volume and flexible construction make the boat float high in waves, rather than splashing and filling up with water. It is also self bailing.

Late Rise Bow

Alpacka has developed its Late Rise Bow for use in boats that will be heavy loaded in the front. Caribou and Forager is so far the only packrafts that has this design. It gives a better performance in rapids while the shape makes less water splash over the bow.

Amazing Cargo Fly

Forager has our Cargo Fly internal package system with waterproof bags as standard. This removes some of the gear from the cockpit and lowers the center of gravity for even bigger stability.

Handmade in the United States

As with all other Alpacka rafts is the Forager is handmade in Mancos, Colorado, USA. It has our new extremely easy-to-use one-way valve, and comes standard with two spacious waterproof bags. The boat is made of durable 420-denier High Count nylon.

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Photo: Thor Tingey / Alpacka Raft