A short trip with Tiril Eckhoff and Ånund Lid Byggland

Earlier this summer we got a request to rent packrafts for a hike. Those who asked were none other than Tiril Eckhoff, several times world champion in Biathlon, and Ånund Lid Byggland, former Norwegian champion for juniors in Cross-Country Sprint and participant in the WC in Sprint. We supplied them with an Alpacka Denali Llama and a Mule.

Text/Images: Tiril Eckhoff and Ånund Lid Byggland

The trip went to Setesdalsheiane, more specifically the area between Rysstad in Vest-Agder and Lysebotn in Rogaland. Here are Ånund’s own words:

– We went to an area called Heibergtunet near Storevatn in Setesdalsheiane. The walk startet with two hours on foot with the packrafts packed down. When we reached the lake, we pumped up the packrafts and started paddling instead of walking. The rain poured down, but we stayed dry, saved a lot of time and had a lot of fun.

Alternative route

– On our way home, we chose an alternative route where we only walked an hour before pumping up the packrafts. Then we paddled in a strong tailwind for about 2-3 kilometres along Taumevatn. At the end of this lake there was a small river with two short rapids that we choose to run. They were probably not big things for experienced packrafters, but we felt that we were doing extreme sports and got a big kick! After that, another rapid followed before we had to carry the packrafts on our backpacks for the first time. This also worked very well – despite a little wind.

Crazy good

– All in all, the packrafts are crazy good! They are easy to inflate and pack down again, very comfortable to sit in – and last but not least; they seem insanely robust in addition to being very stable. We met some people in the mountains and found that everyone was very curious about what we had with us. It was cool to be able to brag about the products based on our own experiences!