The packraft is a small, portable inflatable boat, suitable for everything from white water to still water, oceans, bays and fjords. It is extremely durable, lightweight and can quickly be rolled up and stored in your backpack. If you are in terrain where you have to paddle and then hike to the next waterway, simply strap the boat to your backpack and look forward to the next river.


An easy solution

A heavy boat doesn’t matter much when it’s in the water, but when it´s on your back, then you feel it – at least at the end of the trip . Our biggest packraft weighs 2.75 kg and the smallest weighs 1.45 kg! An better solution is not easy to find.


Throw out the line and go with the flow

It may sound like a cliché , but when you suddenly find yourself in a we-floated-down-the-river-and-watched-the-sun-go-down-while-the-trout-bit-situation, yes, then it feels good.


Ups and downs …

We have been sliding over stones. We have crashed into stones. We have floated along the stones. We’ve even had a customer named Stone test it, and we haven’t experienced any holes in the boats yet! They are, in other words, very durable and can be safely recommended for use in stony rivers.


Invite your boat out on the next trip

Find the boat that best suits your kind of adventure. Are you going to use it in still water, white water, or as an adrenaline trigger down the scariest rapids? Or all of the above? Ask us if you are unsure which boat is the best fit for you.

Let the fish see the sunrise

Strap the backpack onto the front of the boat. This makes the boat more stable, and at the same time you will have access to the contents of the bag – lines, hooks or some breakfast. And when you get the first fish up on the deck, you can both look at the sunrise together.


Good memories

You will never have two identical trips. In our experience, if there’s lot of still water one trip, you´ll choose more white water the next time – and vice versa. The only thing that is certain is that you’ll end up with many good memories.


Strap your backpack on the boat or the boat on the backpack

When you get to the water, retrieve the boat from the backpack and fill it with air. Then strap the backpack in front of the boat and launch it. If you have to walk for a distance until the next launch, you just lift your backpack – and the boat comes along.


Do your angling from the boat

If you are sure you will have more luck across the deep pool, further down the river, beyond the headland or behind the stone – well, just go there.



If you are traveling with friends, it’s likely to become a tradition, and the next time, you might find yourself with even more friends!