• Surfing? Carving? With a packraft weighing from 4.6 kg? Alpackalypse has several innovations, including a seat that sets new standards for packrafts and new thigh straps that gives you outstanding control in rolling and edging of the boat.

    The Alpackalypse sets the standard with its 10 “air chamber in 400-denier Vectran®. It has a hull with a well curved side profile (spring) for response to different strokes, and a patented high-speed hull for stability in large waves. Furthermore, it is set up with a newly developed inflatable back strap that also provides outstanding side support, an inflatable seat in ¾ length, and new ultralight 4-point knee straps. The result is a fast packraft for serious river running – everything from rollers and big waves, to carving out of and into eddies and “boofing” fun drops.

    The Gnarwhal provides outstanding predictability, stability and forgetting to bump the lines, the Alpackalypse is more playful and allows a skilled paddler to use the river as best as possible. In the kayak language, this means that Alpackalypse is a classic river runner.

    Alpackalypse comes standard with spray deck, Cargo Fly internal storage and is made of 400-denier ripstop Vectran®. Sizes: Short, Medium, Long and Extra Long


    • Hand built in Mancos, Colorado
    • New patented high-volume stern for greater stability in large waves
    • New one way valve that allows you to pump up to high air pressure, and drain the air with a quick turn on the valve core
    • Cargo Fly with Standard Internal Dry Bags (Ultralight Dry Bags can be ordered)
    • Custom backband with foam plate and patented 4-point thigh straps
    • Inflatable seat in ¾ length and inflatable footboard
    • Four loops in the bow, two in the stern
    • 400d Ripstop Vectran® is standard
    • Durable 840d nylon floor with extra protection in the stern
    • Pump, bag and repair kit included.


Shipped in 2-3 weeks.