• A packraft for big water rivers and steep creeks. It combines a completely new patented, high volume 12 inch-diameter tubes with Cargo Fly that easily lets you pack luggage inside the hull. A new seat gives you control in the same way as in a river kayak. An inflatable back band and 4-point thigh straps allow you to tilt the boat for carving in and out of eddys, and roll it up after flipping over. Gnarwhal press the limits for what is possible, you can do things no one thought a packraft could handle!
    The cockpit has a backrest with a foam plate. It is fitted with lightweight D-rings in stainless steel and allows you to use the torso and core to control the boat to a greater extent. Furthermore, it has a patented 4-point fastening system for the thigh straps, a new inflatable white water seat with ¾ length and an inflatable footboard.


    • Hand built in Mancos, Colorado
    • New patented high-volume stern for greater stability in large waves
    • New one way valve that allows you to pump up to high air pressure, and drain the air with a quick turn on the valve core
    • Cargo Fly with Standard Internal Dry Bags (Ultralight Dry Bags can be ordered)
    • Custom backband with foam plate and patented 4-point thigh straps
    • Inflatable seat in ¾ length and inflatable footboard
    • Four loops in the bow, two in the stern
    • 210d High Count Nylon is standard
    • 100 / 200d Vectran® or 400d Vectran® can be ordered
    • Durable 840d nylon floor with extra protection in the stern
    • Pump, bag and repair kit included.

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