The Scout is a minimalist Alpacka: an extremely durable packraft designed for long-distance trekking & travel.  It’s a “satchel boat”: the kind of packraft that fits with your gear in a messenger bag.  Built to the same specs as our main boats, the Scout is designed for you if you need a tough, light, simple, and very reliable boat but don’t need the whitewater performance and expeditionary features of our main-line boats.

We consider the Scout to be a specialty craft, rather than an “Alpacka Light”: a small open boat built for high lake floating, canyoneering, river-crossing, spelunking, and other situations where you’re on flat water.


  • Inflation bag
  • Repkit
  • Stuff sack



4 in stock (can be backordered)


Weight 1,45 kg
Outer length 183 cm
Inner length 104 cm
Outer width 87,5 cm
Inside width 33 cm
Load capacity 100 kg